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Pictures from (c) Irina Kurmanaeva, Nikita Skorokhodov, Oleg Chegodaev, Andreas Jentzsch, Susanne Fischer and Michael Raab

Finish at 5642m, the European Seven Summit!

X. Elbrus International Festival of Winter Extreme Sports

Each year, more than 300 top athletes from all over the world compete in four competitions at the Elbrus within one week. Especially the altitude and the weather make each race to an unique experience.  You need will and passion and in the end you will be rewarded with awesome emotions.

This is what Karl Egloff says about the event. He beat Kilian Jornet at the Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua - now he also has the speed record at this Seven Summit, 3:24 to the top and 4:20 up and down - amazing. 2018 Tamara Lunger is going to take the challenge and start in the new Monsters Ski Expedition Race.

"One of the most amazing experiences in my life. Abroad people say Russians are crazy. Yes, they are crazy to do these beautiful things!"

Foto (c) Oleg Chegodaev


Officially the festival begins on May 1, 2018. An earlier arrival makes sense especially with regard to a good, because important acclimatization. Nevertheless, it is possible to arrive at a later date. The first "compulsory date" is on the agenda with the Vertical Kilometer®.

  • Sunday, 29. April     Individual arrival, transfer to Azau and check-in

  • Monday, 30. April    Easy tour for acclimatization 

  • Tudesday, 1. May      Tour for acclimatization, opening ceremony & briefing

  • Wednesday, 2. May   Ski Monsters Team Expedition Race

  • Thursday, 3. May       Relax and acclimatize

  • Friday, 4. May            Tour for acclimatization, opening ceremony & briefing

  • Saturday, 5. May        Vertical Kilometer® - Mt Elbrus, 2450 - 3450m, Kabardino-Balkaria Skyrunner Cup

  • Sunday, 6. May          Preparing for the Summit, briefings and latest information

  • Monday, 7. May            SkyMarathon® - Mt Elbrus (2350 - 5642m), 1st Station of the Russian Skyrunner Cup
    Montag, 7. Mai               High-Speed Run (3750 - 5642m), Kabardino-Balkaria Open Skyrunner Championship

  • Tudesday, 8. May       Red Fox TSL Challenge snow shoe race
    Dienstag, 9. Mai         Price giving ceremony & party
    Dienstag, 9. Mai         Transfer to the airport and individual homeward trip


The Red Fox Elbrus Festival of Winter Extreme Sports takes place at altitudes from 2500 to 5642m. In addition to an excellent physical condition and experience on mountains in the winter, the basic prerequisites are sufficient acclimatization and appropriate preparation, for example at the

10 days, 4 races - all together from 850 euros

  • Transfer at the arrival from Mineralnyje Wody to Azau and back (at least two persons)

  • 8x overnight stay in Azau with half board (2- or 3-bed room, breakfast and dinner)

  • 1x overnight stay in the Barrels with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Participation in races

  • Red Fox Elbrus Race shirt

  • Adventurebook with all important details and information from arrival to the races in advance and support on site by


Not included are visas, flights, passport registration, discounted lift tickets, other meals and drinks.




Die Laufcoaches

Michael Raab


Herzlichen Dank für Deine Nachricht!

The summit itself seems to be so close, and that is a huge threat. The DNF quota of 58 percent at the High-Speed ​​Run 2016 already tells you everything about the hardness of the race. In addition, take care of rapid weather changes with storm and felt temperatures below minus 35 ° C.


For this reason, an extensive equipment with climbing harness, snares for the two rope insured places is absolutely obligatory. By registering, you will receive extensive information for the journey, tips for acclimatization and of course the races so that you are perfectly prepared for this adventure.

6 weltcup downhills - 4 countries

5,000 vertical meter - 85 % fall

19,000 euro prize money - no rules

3 races - 3 mountains

Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa

46,000 euro prize money

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